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Dewplanter is self watering & water generating

Dewplanter vs. Self Watering Planters


One question we get asked a lot here is: What's the difference between the Dewplanter and self watering planters? To answer that, we first need to clarify what a self watering planter is.

Self watering planters are planters that have a water reservoir. These reservoirs hold a certain amount of water, and is connected to the main planting area through a wick. Water is able to use the wick to move from the reservoir into the plant soil. Thus, essentially watering itself. 

The problem with this is that you still have to constantly refill the reservoir with water. Even though planters with reservoirs can go longer without water being added, they still need consistent refilling. 

The Dewplanter solves this problem by completely bypassing the need for a reservoir. By generating just the right amount of water that your plants need everyday, the Dewplanter removes the need for you to refill or do anything. This generated water is clean and filtered, and is automatically fed to the roots of your plants through our drip irrigation system. 

So there you have it. Self watering planters need less refilling than normal planters, but still require work. Dewplanter lets you sit back and relax as it takes care of all the watering for you!

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