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What plants should I put in the Dewplanter?

The Dewplanter with its self watering capabilities work great for almost any plant, as you can adjust the level of water generated. Some low maintenance plants recommended by our users include: Chinese Evergreens, Asparagus Ferns, Money Plants, African Violets, Peace Lilies, Aloe, and Rubber Plants.

Does the Dewplanter have a drainage hole? 

Nope, but it's extremely easy to drill one if you require one!

Can the Dewplanter be used as a dehumidifier?

Yes, the Dewplanter can help balance humidity levels in a small, humid spaces such as a bathroom, especially paired with plants that help lower indoor humidity. 

Why is some water coming out of the bottom of my planter?

There is an emergency water outlet on the bottom of the unit in case of overflow. If water comes out of the bottom of the planter, it means that the Dewplanter is generating more water than the soil can absorb. The outlet is meant to prevent the electronics on the inside from being damaged. Select a lower setting to lower the amount of water generated.

Can I control how much water is generated?

Yes, the Dewplanter has settings for being on from as low as 2 Hr/day to 24 hr/day, or even once a week. Longer settings generate more water.

How do I know which setting to use?

When you first receive your Dewplanter, we suggest first testing various settings without any soil or plants to see how much water is generated to find one that works for you.

What temperatures does the Dewplanter work in?

The Dewplanter works between 65°F+ & at 45%+ humidity.

How much water can the Dewplanter generate?

The max water output is 10 oz./day if the Dewplanter runs for 24 hours. Different running times can be set to control the amount of water generated.

How much power does the Dewplanter use?

The Dewplanter uses energy efficient technology with a power rating of 22.5W.

Where is Dewplanter located?

We're based out of sunny Southern California!

Do you do wholesale?

Yes! Send us an email at info@dewplanter.com for wholesale info.